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Puppy & Kitten Veterinary Care

High-quality veterinary care is critical during your puppy or kitten's first year of life. Our vets in Dunnellon can provide guidance and advice. 

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Care for Puppies & Kittens

You've just brought your new puppy or kitten home and introduced him or her to the family - an exciting time! This cute, cuddly ball of fur can't help but bring a smile to everyone who interacts with them. 

Fun as it may be, new pet parents also have some serious healthcare business to take care of during their new pet's first year of life. 

Your vet can develop a custom healthcare plan tailored to your pet's unique needs in their first year, and offer plenty of guidance and support along the way! 

Puppies & Kittens, Dunnellon Veterinarians

Your Pet’s First Appointment

Puppies should ideally have their first veterinary appointment around six weeks of age, and kittens around eight weeks.

During this initial visit, your pet will receive a complete physical examination to assess their overall health, look for signs of any congenital defects, and check for external parasites.

More About Physical Exams

We will also administer deworming medications for roundworms and hookworms, and the first round of puppy or kitten vaccinations.

More About Vaccines & Prevention

Finally, for kittens, we will perform a blood test to check for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus.

Followup Appointments

Between the ages of 6 and 16 weeks, kittens and puppies should attend 3 to 4 veterinary appointments. These visits allow our vets to check in on your pet's overall health and to administer vaccines on schedule. 

Puppy & Kitten Packages

Bringing home a new puppy or kitten comes with a lot of new responsibilities.

To help you navigate your puppy or kitten's first year, our team will provide plenty of guidance, support, and helpful information.

Our Kitten Packages and Puppy Packages contain everything you'll need to know about your pet’s early development, including:

  • A vaccination and medical care schedule
  • Information on spaying and neutering your pet
  • Information on common medical problems such as heartworm disease, feline leukemia, and zoonosis
  • Tips for how to socialize your puppy or kitten with animals and people, including pets already living in your home
  • Basic puppy training guidelines
  • Nutrition information

Our vets will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and put any concerns or worries to rest. We want to make sure that you and your puppy or kitten have everything you need to begin a wonderful life together!

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We look forward to meeting your precious pet at Dunnellon Animal Hospital.

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